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BOLD was founded in 2015 by Aleksandra Anna Bartoszuk. Since 2017, in cooperation with Anna Kulig, studio has been known as BOLD Design. With degrees in Architecture and Urban Planning, both designers gained their professional experience working for Architectural Practices in Poland and foreign companies abroad. Their award winning portfolio covers home, public, commercial and leisure interior design. Previous practice and professional experience allowed them to get an insight of themselves, which resulted as desire to promote the widely understood art. According to their approach, design is a carefully planned

process. But it does not exclude unexpected turnovers, improvisations or surprises. For BOLD Design each task is a kind of investigation. They search, experiment,  examine, and essentially evaluate the context. So that through research and personal approach each space gain unique character. It is important to embody the vision that has arisen in the designing process and therefore, they do their best to ensure that the creative work abounds with satisfactory realizations. The focus is to work closely with clients to meet their individual expectations. BOLD Design mission is to improve the quality of everyday life.


Space creation is not just about the right combination of elements matched with applicable colours. It is primarily the ability to create an atmosphere corresponding to the purpose of the interior.

Ultimately it is a way of thinking about human needs and desires, with a conscious solicitude about functionality and comfort for future users. We specialize in designing both habitable and public spaces.

The uniqueness of every place makes us approach each task individually, trying to meet different expectations. We do offer various forms and schemes of cooperation adjusted to the needs of our customers.

First impression is always essential and its effects are kept in our memory for a long time. A number of external stimulants embeds a certain pattern in the depth of our subconscious, and therefore it is

extremely important to point it towards a right direction. Home Staging is about preparing space in a way that it evokes only positive emotions. Deep understanding of functionality and aesthetics with reference

to interiors is a key factor in sales strategy. Deliberate solutions are able to make every space more attractive, achieve the balance of proportions and scale and to increase its value on the real estate market.

One of our assumptions is attention for detail. By designing a specific space, we focus on the appropriate selection of decorations that significantly affect the final

result of each project. Any interior perceived by all senses should also be a skilfully composed collection of objects that defines its identity. The ambience of a given place is

closely related to the elements forming its structure. Presented collection of our graphics and paintings can complement each space and give it a unique character.


Usability and visual translation are some of the most important factors that show our view on the surrounding world. Whether it is architecture, interior, furniture, graphics, we want to present not only their physical aspects, but above all, the atmosphere that portrays the object of interest. Appropriate light, composition, detail are parts of the process of creating each image.



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